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A short story...

When I got my Palm m130 in late 2002 (and my Palm TX in 2006), one of the first programs I put on my fresh Palm was Olive Tree's BibleReader. I used it at first mainly because it had my favorite version, the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). While BibleReader is a nice program, I have found it slow and bit quirky. There is also Laridian's MyBible. MyBible is fast, but I have found the number of Bibles and the software limited. Later on, I tried GMPSoft's Bible With You and it's sister program, Concordance With You. While I like the idea of separate programs, I found the pricing structure a bit too steep. In the mist of all these programs, I found a program called Bible Reader for Palm. Like MyBible, I found it to be limited, but I knew it had potential. I uninstalled it and promptly forgot about it.

Months later, I went back to that program only to find that it was now closed source with improvements slowing down. It was about this time I found out about an effort to fix Bible Reader. That effort was called Palm Bible+ (PB+). It took a bit, but Palm Bible+ has matured into a first class Bible program for Palm devices. It stands out by having support for Reference books and dictionaries via the Plucker Plugin Interface (PPI). PB+ offers Scriptures in such languages such as the biggest - English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese - to the smallest - Afrikaans, Chamorro, Manx, Icelandic, and Uma. PB+ also supports Hebrew and Greek out of the box and complex alphabets such as CJK and Cyrillic (with third party plugins). Text to speech is also supported on Palm OS 5 devices.

While I still use from time to time those other programs I have talked about before, I prefer PalmBible+!

What Do I have here?

Listed here are modules I have created for Palm Bible+. It is my understanding that the original texts that form these modules are public domain in the United States (except for the God's Living Word translation, see below). I claim no copyrights for the Palm Bible+ edition of these modules. Enjoy these modules and share them! 

The dates in the module listings refer to the date the originial text was written, not the date the modules were created.

God's Living Word (1996) - Website
God's Living Word is a modern English translation of John's Gospel and his three letters. The text is copyrighted, but free use is allowed; see ReadMe-GLW-Copyright.txt for more details.

The source of the God's Living Word text is (This module is based off the revision of 6 August 2004). This module features Christ's words in red and footnotes in blue.

This module is available in two flavors that depend on what device you have. If you have a color device, sync glwRL.pdb to it. If you have a monochrome device or are using version Palm OS 3.0.3 or eariler, sync glw.pdb to your device.


Special thanks are due to the Rev. Michael Paul Johnson for his support and encouragement in making this module a reality.

King James Version  - upgraded (1769) - Website

In early 2004, I started to test out PB+ and I really liked it. One of the Bibles I used in this period was the King James Version (KJV) that Asaisoft offered. While I had no problems with the text per se, I has a problem with the formatting. There were typos in title of the books and the Psalm titles were mismatched. Soon after that, I decided to take action. What is here is the result of my work - fixes around the KJV text.

The source for this module is the sources Asaisoft released in late 2001. They are now gone.

Note: If you live in the United Kingdom, DO NOT download this module! The KJV (in that nation) is controlled by Letters Patent (a perpetual copyright). See this article for more.

Bible portions in Manx (1773) - Website

This module features the books of Esther, Jonah, Matthew, Luke, and John in Manx, a language spoken on the Isle of Man. According to the Ethnologue and the United Bible Societies, this language is mostly extinct.

The source of this text is the SWORD Project.


King James Version Apocrypha - upgraded (1769) - Website

In late 2005, I was looking for a good edition of the Apocrypha for Palm Bible+. I found file that had the Apocrypha as found in the King James Version and two books out of the Revised Standard Version. In that file, the books were out of order. I tracked down Asaisoft's file and found it. I found the books out of order and headings were missing. I then decided to fix this. In doing this, it became clear that the Asaisoft module, while good, was bugggy. I then decided to redo the module from scrach. The text used here is from Headings have been redone (based on a printed King James Version) . There is also a new standalone Apocrypha that can be used.

Note: If you live in the United Kingdom, DO NOT download this module! The KJV (in that nation) is controlled by Letters Patent (a perpetual copyright). See this article for more.

The Gospel of Mark in Scottish Gaelic (1875) - Website

This module is the Gospel of Mark in Scottish Gaelic. This language is spoken by 60,000 to 90,000 people in Scotland, UK (this is according to the Ethnologue, the United Bible Societies, and the CIA World Factbook). This text is from The SWORD Project.


Where can I get Palm Bible+?

Palm Bible+ can be downloaded at the official website.

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